Nation Explodes in Anti-Trump Protests

Protesters chant slogans on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower in New York. AP / Julie Jacobson

Thousands of people shouting anti-Trump slogans and holding picket signs took to the streets in protests in as many as 10 U.S. cities Wednesday night in reaction to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Protestors in Los Angeles effectively shut down the 101 Freeway, while in Washington D.C., protestors held up signs that read “Nasty Women Fight Back” and “White Males for Equality for All.

Protests also occurred in New York and Chicago in front of Trump Towers. Protestors in Boston chanted “abolish the electoral college” according to USA today.

In Oakland, a fire blazed In front of Über headquarters where police deemed the protestors assembly was unlawful and the streets of Portland were also effectively shut down Wednesday night.

In the midst of the chaos, schools across the nation have offered places for minority and LGBT students suffering from post-election stress, USA Today reports. Many, non-students have also formed meet-up groups and safe spaces. At many universities and even some high schools, teachers postponed tests and offered their support.

“The nation in which you currently reside decided last night to elect a president whose own words have painted him a moral and possibly physical hazard to many of us,” University of Maryland professor Alan Peel said in a note to students, postponing assessments. “I debated whether to press on today in the spirit of re-establishing normalcy, but have come to realize that my position and my background may have afforded me the privilege to do so. Others may find they do not have that privilege.”

Donald Trump and President Obama have already met at the white house earlier today to begin the transition process making way for Trump to take over the presidency.

Image: Protesters chant slogans on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower in New York. AP / Julie Jacobson