Troy Davis’ Nephew Raises Money For College

The Troy Davis trial provoked nationwide discussion on America’s race-relations as it gained attention from the public, celebrities and human rights groups. Though Davis may not be with us anymore, his legacy still lives on.

De’Juan Davis-Correia is Davis’ nephew and was greatly influenced by his uncle’s trial—as was the country. He regularly visited his uncle in prison, and months after Troy Davis’ execution, lost his his beloved mother Martina to breast cancer.

Despite these obstacles, De’Juan took the first steps to “completing his educational dream” and finished his first year at Morehouse College. De’Juan is majoring in engineering and physics, and made Dean’s List his first semester.

Now, De’Juan and his family are raising money so that he may continue at Morehouse in the fall as a sophomore. Their current goal is $5,000. “De’Juan’s ability to attend Morehouse was enabled by the generosity and solidarity of scores of supporters who believe in this young man,” says the campaign website.

All donors receive a “perk” for donating, such as an “I Am Troy Davis” t-shirt or book.

Read details at De’Juan’s Indiegogo campaign website and watch his campaign video below.