Trial of First cop in Freddie Gray Case to Open

After two days of questioning potential jurors in the case Officer William Porter, one of six police officers charged with the murder of Freddie Gray, the trial is expected to begin Wednesday after the jury is impaneled. Judge Barry Williams along with attorneys for the prosecution and the defense have combed through some 150 Baltimore residents to get to this point.

Williams ask for a second panel on Tuesday to increase the likelihood there were more than 12 members of the community who could put aside what they already know about the case and render a verdict. The second panel was more diverse but, mirrored the previous panel. More than half had been victims of crime or had interactions with the criminal justice system.

To get to the 12 jurors and possible four alternates, its estimated as many as 20 plus jurors passed through this first phase, which was done in a closed courtroom. However during the next selection phase all questions from attorneys will be done in open court. To arrive at the necessary number, each side will have an opportunity to strike four jurors for cause from the panel. Depending on the interrogation of jurors by the attorneys opening statements should begin by Wednesday afternoon.