Trending: #AskPOTUS

Last week, President Obama broke a world record by holding the fastest-growing Twitter account in 24 hours.

And today, everyone had a chance to ask the president questions thanks to a q&a Twitter session on climate change hosted by the White House.

After a visit at the National Hurricane Center in Miami for the annual hurricane season outlook and preparedness briefing, the president decided to use his Twitter account to solicit questions from his 2.4 million followers.

Questions flooded the #AskPOTUS hashtag, and it quickly became the top national trending topic in the U.S. The president answered 12 questions.

This marks the first time the president has used his personal Twitter account to interact with Americans, many of which had nothing to do with climate change.

Tweeters asked the president about everything from the Kardashians to marijuana. President Obama stayed on topic for the most part, only straying a few times to talk about the NBA, trade and education.

Read the full q&a transcript here.