Transgender Women Can Now Attend Spelman College

In an unprecedented decision that will forever change the history of HBCUs, Spelman University has announced that it will allow transgender women to be admitted to the school.

The storied institution is a small liberal arts college based in Atlanta.

“Like same-sex colleges all over the country, Spelman is taking into account evolving definitions of gender identity in a changing world and taking steps to ensure that our policies and plans reflect those changes in a manner that is consistent with our mission and the law,” President Mary S. Campbell wrote in a statement posted to the college’s website.

In her statement, President Campbell reiterated that the historically Black collegiate institution would remain an all women’s school and that students who self-identify as men will not be admitted. If a woman decides to transition to male while at the institution, that student will be allowed to finish out their studies and graduate from the school, she noted.

Campbell reached her decision via a task force comprised of students, alumnae and faculty.

“In adopting this admissions policy, Spelman continues its fervent belief in the power of the Spelman Sisterhood. Students who choose Spelman come to our campus prepared to participate in a women’s college that is academically and intellectually rigorous, and affirms its core mission as the education and development of high-achieving Black women.”