Traffic Stop Leads to Felony Charge

Credit: Thinkstock

DaJuan Wallace, a Detroit native and Master’s Degree student at Saginaw Valley State University, is facing a felony charge stemming from a traffic stop.

This case, however, does not involve a criminal or a high-risk situation. The 24-year old stated that he was en route to get medicine for his girlfriend when he noticed flashing lights behind him. Instead of pulling over in a poorly lit space, Wallace opted to signal to the police that he was pulling over in a brightly lit Sam’s Club parking lot.

As demonstrated in the below video, Wallace can be seen maintaining the same driving speed and once in the parking lot, slowly evacuating his vehicle holding both hands up.

He also explains why he decided to pull over in a lit area.

Wallace, who is studying health administration, was hit with a felony charge for not immediately pulling over once the officers activated their lights.

According to WCHB News Detroit, the police report, stated the following:

“The driver made no attempt to pull over and stop. I observed the driver stick his hands out of the window a couple of times. I did not see the driver throw anything from the vehicle, though it was dark and the road was poorly lit,” the officer wrote in his report.

The officer noted that he pulled Wallace over because his vehicle fit the description of a car he spotted driving on the sidewalk on the SVSU campus. However, as it also allegedly states in the police report, “I was uncertain about the make and the model of the vehicle, but this vehicle looked like the same color and was leaving the immediate area.”


Wallace, who believes he did nothing wrong, was offered a plea deal, but turned it down for the risk of losing his job, financial aid, and possibility of not being able to put his degree to use with a misdemeanor charge on his record.

The incident took place on February 19 at two in the morning. Now, the college student faces two important dates: A May 2016 graduation and a July 9, 2015 preliminary examination.