Towson University Protest Ends With Change

A group of Towson University students staged an 8-hour protest on campus Wednesday night.

The group presented the school’s interim President Timothy Chandler with a list of 13 demands and reviewed them with him until after midnight when he pledged to address them.

The protest focused on increasing the number of Black tenured faculty members, adding cultural competency courses to the school’s curriculum and creating a no-tolerance policy on racial, sexual and homophobic epithets with consequences to include “potential expulsion.”

The demands were also reviewed by Towson’s Vice President for Students Affairs and other administrators. Together, the group went line-by-line, editing the wording of each demand until Chandler agreed to sign his name and commit to working toward the goals.

The protest was part of Wednesday’s #StudentBlackOut movement, where Black student activists protested on predominantly white campuses all over the country.

Under the #OccupyTowson hashtag, students wrote that they had endured oppressive conditions at Towson, including “egg shells and racial slurs being thrown out of windows; racial slurs being shouted at house parties; sexual and racial epithets from classroom professors and more…”

The list of demands ended with a pledge from Chandler: “I am acknowledging that in the event that I do not keep my promise and begin to address these concerns, I will resign as president of this University for failing to effectively represent Black students.”

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