Hottest Articles of 2013

Credit: Thinkstock would like to take a moment to thank our readers for giving our site its biggest year to date!

We redesigned, added a host of new lifestyle, entertainment and relationship contributors and generated tons of online buzz.

Here’s a look back at our 10 most popular posts of 2013 in no particular order. Don’t miss out on any of the fun. Click and catch up…Happy New Year!
1. Three Signs She’s Not a Grown Woman
Our new Grown Zone contributors Zara Green and Alfred Edmond Jr. seized attention and started some arguments with this controversial column about what makes a real woman. Hint: It’s not about your bank account or bra size.

2. Love Don’t Cost a Thing: 8 Best Romantic Comedies
“Love Jones,” “Brown Sugar,” “Boomerang,” and “The Best Man” are just a few of the titles that stoked serious nostalgia for Black rom coms among our readers.

3. Three Signs That He’s Not a Grown Man
In this companion piece to “3 Signs She’s Not a Grown Woman” you can find out if you’re dating a man or an overgrown boy. Must. Read.

4. John McCain’s Son Weds Black Woman: Cue Racist Trolling
We’ve certainly progressed since “Loving v. Virginia,” but you wouldn’t know it based on racially charged reaction to politician John McCain’s new daughter-in-law.

5. Made of Shade: bell hooks
The prolific author and activist shared her views on timely topics from the Trayvon Martin case to the Boston marathon bomber in a one-on-one interview with featured columnist Quassan Castro

6. Will Preachers of LA Help or Hurt the Church?
Oxygen attracted anger just for announcing the launch of “Preachers of LA,” an unscripted series focused on prosperity ministers living in the lap of Los Angeles luxury.

7. Jordan Davis’s Father Speaks on Son’s Senseless Death
Teenager Jordan Davis drew immediate parallels to Trayvon Martin after he was shot to death by a White man in Florida who reportedly ordered him and his friends to turn down the volume of their car radio. The youth’s distraught father spoke to JET about the loss of his son.

8. Whatever Happened to Floetry? The Floacist Speaks on Floetry Split
Marsha Ambrosius quickly transitioned from Floetry to successful solo artist, but whatever happened to her one-time partner in prose, Natalie Stewart, aka, The Floacist?

9. Six John Legend Songs for Your Wedding
This recently married crooner’s catalogue proved to be irresistible for those planning their nuptials. Six songs to add to your aisle-walking arsenal:

10. DMX Strikes Back at Iyanla
The embattled MC, also known as Dark Man X, spoke passionately to JET about his ill-fated “Iyanla, Fix My Life” episode with OWN’s successful self-help guru.