Throwback: Marilyn Mosby…15 Years Ago

Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby showed us that she means business when she charged six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray.

Let’s take it back 15 years ago.

Before she became Mrs. Mosby and a state attorney, Marilyn James was a college student at Tuskegee University and found herself on the offensive end of a case on the long-running series, Judge Judy.

And we all know, the judge was about business.

The story rundown: After returning from summer break, Marilyn discovered that someone broke into her apartment and threw a party. She claimed that a man who ran a cigar shop beneath her home was the culprit.

Watch the season five episode below.

Yeah….dude pretty much had no chance at winning this case and Mosby proved that law and politics was indeed her path.

The conclusion: Marilyn won the case and was awarded $1731.90.



Playing games is clearly NOT on Marilyn Mosby’s “to-do” list.

Check out the tweet that gave the clip new life: