American Cities Are Vowing to Follow the Paris Accord Despite President Trump’s Position

Last week, President Trump went against the grain of all the free world when he made the decision to remove the United States from the Paris Accord; an agreement regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

President Trump has made it clear how he feels about climate change and, clearly, there was no swaying him. Not even his daughter, Ivanka Trump, or Apple CEO Tim Cook, could get the President to change his view on climate change.

Even though the United States is no longer a part of the Paris Accord, along with Nicaragua and Syria, there are 68 American cities who are vowing to uphold the commitment of the Paris Agreement. The cities include New York, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Ark., New Bedford, Mass. and Pittsburgh.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, during his speech where he formally announced the United States would be leaving the Paris Accord, President Trump said, “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.”

There are a couple ironies here. The Paris Agreement was negotiated in Paris, but does not have anything directly to do with the French city. The majority of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny County voted for Hillary Clinton. Also, 13, 000 Pittsburgh residents work in the renewable energy industry.

Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto, defended his city on Thursday, with the statement:

“I’m appalled that the President used my city to justify his unacceptable decision, as most other Pittsburghers are. I was one of the nation’s mayors who went to Paris to fight for the accords, and my city, which has finally bounced back from decades of industrial carnage, will do all it can to promote its own environmental standards. I know cities around the nation and the world will do the same. This is not over. In Pittsburgh, we’ve rebuilt our economy on the future and our people, not on the past.”

The fallout from this doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.