The Patti LaBelle Pie Craze is Serious Business

James Wright Chanel posted the video that had the world rushing to their nearest Walmart to stock up on the sweet goodness of Ms. Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie.

His social post attracted so much attention, that the Diva surprised him with a personal “Thank You” call.

It’s no secret that Ms. Patti can throw down in the kitchen. Now, thanks to the free, entertaining and musical promotion received from James, Walmart sold one pie every 72 seconds, last week.

Unfortunately though, because pies were flying off the shelves, some consumers were left empty handed on their hunt for Patti’s Pies. But, friends, don’t worry. More is on the way! Your cries over the sold-out sweetness have not fallen on deaf ears and in response, Walmart has issued a message addressing the shortage and their re-stock plans.

Watch below:

In addition, Walmart shared in a release, sent to JET and EBONY, that they are “pushing all of the pies in our distribution centers out to stores and redirecting pies to stores that are out.”

Cooking isn’t the only thing that Patti LaBelle is passionate about, last week, she stopped by EBONY and spoke candidly about something else near to her heart. Watch the video, here.