Texts Not Allowed in Renisha McBride Case

Update on the Renisha McBride trial.

A request made by the defense in the Renisha McBride case to use the slain 19-year-old’s text messages as evidence has been denied.

Cheryl Carpenter, the attorney for defendant Theodore Wafer who fatally shot McBride, was hoping to use slang references in the text to “suggest Renisha McBride was selling drugs and may have had an aggressive side,” reports the Associated Press.

Despite Carpenter’s attempts, Wayne County Judge Dana Hathaway ruled against her request, saying none of the messages would prove that the victim was an aggressor prior to being shot.

Wafer, 55, allegedly shot McBride on November 2, 2013 in a Detroit suburb. He claims self-defense because “he feared for his safety when she banged on his door before dawn.”

The prosecution is upholding that neither McBride’s text messages or her photos should be used as evidence in the case.

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