Texas Woman Buys Cheap iPad, Gets Mirror Instead


A Texas woman named Jalonta Freeman purchased what she thought was an $800 iPad for $200 but it turned out to be a mirror attached to a piece of cardboard (excuse us as we fight the laughter). Freeman said she was at a gas station in Arlington, Texas when a man drove up to her and said he was selling the “device.” Freeman said she felt the price seemed like such a good deal but upon initial hesitation the man told her that he was in a hurry and had to go (like that’s not shady). She gave him the money and he sped away before she discovered that she was taken advantage of.

“I would never do anybody like that, get a job,” said Freeman. She then added that she felt stupid and that she “basically got robbed.” She finished off with a warning to people about not buying anything in the street from people.

Ma’am…never mind. Watch the video:

Does anyone actually feel bad for Jalonta Freeman?