Texas Tech Students Long To Disinvite Angela Davis

Angela Davis is a polarizing figure in society who is integral to the Black experience.

For this reason, Texas Tech invited the educator to speak as part of their Black History Month lecture series, which kicked off with an address by broadcaster and author, Tavis Smiley.

Davis is scheduled for a later appearance during which she will speak on mass incarceration in America and the call for prison reform.

However, some area Republicans have taken issue with her controversial past and former communist belief system, stating she is too “radical.” Those thoughts have caused wide discussion in addition to a circulating petition asking for her to be disinvited.

“Why wouldn’t we at every opportunity inject positive role models into our young people, rather than someone who’s angry all the time and has nothing but consternation against the American Dream?,” Carl Tepper, Chairman of the Lubbock County Republican Party told Fox 34 News.

The co-chair of the Republican group added that Davis is “very radical communist” which is a view that “really doesn’t resonate with anyone at Texas Tech.”

A student planning to attend the lecture pointed out Davis’ innocence in the 1970 charges brought against her. “She wasn’t a criminal or crook. She didn’t do anything for her to go to prison. She wasn’t guilty under the charges they were trying to put on her.”

Despite a group of students who disapprove of Angela Davis speaking at Texas Tech, community advocate Brandale Randolph says excluding her would be sending a bad message – one that negates from free speech and “moving along the same lines of those who we hate.”