Terrell Owens Suspect in Battery Case

Former pro athlete Terrell Owens is allegedly a suspect in a battery case, TMZ reports.

Owens was in a Brentwood, California Starbucks when a 28-year-old man started screaming his name. Word is that Owens got annoyed and requested the man quiet down. The man claims Owens intentionally tripped him as he walked past the former football star.

According to a witness, the man screamed “F*** you, Terrell Owens.” Another witness claims the guy uttered, “Bitch a** n*****.”

Police say Owens then exited his vehicle and threw a paper coffee cup at the man. The 28-year-old called the cops and the paramedics, claiming he was injured.

Officials say there was no evidence of injury.

Owens told TMZ a different story.

He says the man was following him and a female friend around the store, then followed them to their car and threw a cup of liquid into the vehicle. Owens said he then exited his vehicle and threw his empty cup at the guy. He also said he heard the man use the n-word.

Police are investigating.