Terrell Owens Incident: A Possible Hate Crime?

Earlier this week, we reported on former NFL pro Terrell Owens’ very bizarre encounter with a man involving a Starbuck’s coffee cup.

According to TMZ, the man called Owens the n-word. Ultimately, the encounter may lead to a hate crime charge against the alleged perpetrator.

In a video interview with the outlet, Owens said he’s been “blown away by the reaction” to a video TMZ posted showing a man named Arman calling him a “f***ing knuckle-running, spear-chucking, monkey a** looking motherf******…”

Owens says several people have suggested he press charges against Arman for committing a hate crime.

According to Owens, Arman threw a cup full of liquid into his car. When T.O. got out to confront him, Arman used the offensive language.

Arman has denied throwing liquid into Owens’ vehicle, and maintains the incident started when the sports legend kicked him inside the Starbuck’s.

The incident was initially investigated as a battery against Arman.

Peep Owens’ account of what happened below.