Termination Proposed for Alabama Officer

Credit: Thinkstock

An Alabama police officer has been arrested and may soon to be without a job after allegedly attacking a man who came from India to visit and care for his sick grandson.

The Feb. 6 incident, which has gone viral, left 57-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, partially paralyzed. Officer Eric Parker approached Patel after receiving a call that a man was wandering near garbage dumpster in a Madison, Ala. neighborhood.

Parker proceeded with alleged force, knocking Patel to the ground and severely injuring his neck.

Patel representation filed a lawsuit against the Madison Police Department revealing that his client’s civil rights were violated in addition to requesting that the officer be fired.

The Madison Police Chief. Larry Muncey has since apologized to Patel and his family and stated that the FBI is conducting a parallel inquiry investigation to determine if federal violations took place.

The lawsuit is in pending status.

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This appears to be another sad case of excessive police force. Do you think the officer should lose his badge or being suspended without pay? Share your thoughts in the comments.