Teenage Girl Killed in Oakland Shooting

oakland shooting

Police in Oakland, California, say a 16-year-old girl has died after being shot in the city’s downtown area, where another three people were wounded.

The number of people shot fluctuated throughout Tuesday evening. Oakland police initially said five people had been shot. The department then corrected the information to six people wounded, and finally said a total of four people had been shot, including a teenage girl who died at a hospital.

Police say the other people shot are in stable condition. They range in age from mid-teens to early twenties.

The department says the shooting happened during a vigil for someone drowned last year in Salinas, California.

It’s unclear if the shooting is connected to the memorial gathering, which was about two blocks away from the shooting.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the broad-daylight shooting sent people ducking for cover.

Mason Stone tells the newspaper people were running “every which way.”