Hero Teen Who Saved Girl, Gets Robbery Rap

In 2013, Lancaster, Pennsylvania teen Temar S. Boggs made national headlines for helping track down an abducted girl.

Three years later, the 18-year-old is making national headlines again after being sentenced up to 10 years in state prison, Lancaster Online reports.

Boggs was hailed a hero after he and a friend located a missing 5-year-old who had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted by convicted rapist Harold Leroy Herr. Boggs and a friend took off behind Herr on their bikes and located the girl. When Boggs pushed the child out of his car, they took her to police. Herr was sentenced to 50-100 years behind bars.

For Boggs, the accolades stretched as far as being honored on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. A college fund was even set up in his name.

But at a plea hearing in June, Boggs admitted in court that he and an accomplice robbed a grocery market in December and fled with $200 to $300 in cash.

Prosecutors said Boggs and the other person held an employee of the El Coqui Market at gunpoint, going as far as racking the weapon, or sliding a round into a firearm’s chamber. Judge Howard F. Kinsley read Boggs sentence on Friday.

The grandmother of the child Boggs rescued asked the judge for lenience in a letter.

“I believe Temar is truly remorseful and deeply ashamed of what he has done,” wrote Tracey Clay, the grandmother of Jocelyn Rojas, who Boggs helped to rescue. “He knows what he did was wrong and how his actions have not only hurt the victim but also his mother and the entire community. Temar is absolutely capable of being rehabilitated if given a chance to prove himself.”

His attorney Jeffery Conrad said that he hopes Boggs can find a way to redeem himself.

“It’s a shame for Temar to go from a hero to a zero. But the great thing is that Temar can come back from this and get back to the man we all know he can be. That is what we are all hoping for and we trust that he will.”