2 Teens Dead After Finding, Playing With Firearm

Two Michigan teens are dead after allegedly playing with a firearm, New York Daily News reports.

17-year-old Marsavious Frazier and his friend, Daqarion Hunter, 17, were both found in a remote alley in Kalamazoo with gunshot wounds around 9 p.m. Monday, officials say.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Who fired the lethal shots remains unclear, but a witness says one of the teens caught a bullet after the gun was being “played with.”

The second teen then became “distraught” over what happened, and turned the gun on himself, that same witness said.

The witness also told investigators that there was no argument or scuffle before the tragic shooting. Kalamazoo Police Department Captain Victor Ledbetter said the gun appeared to not be registered. He urged citizens to think about the consequences of a gun ending up in the wrong hands.

This is a very unfortunate incident and we remind people to be mindful and serious about the proper and legal handlings of firearms,” Kalamazoo Captain Victor Ledbetter said in a written statement published on the city’s Public Safety website.

Both victims were Kalamazoo Public Schools students.

“It is a tragedy any time young people lose their lives,” Dr. Michael Rise said in the statement, adding grief counselors would be available at district schools throughout the week.