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Teacher Suspended For Inappropriate Facebook Comments


A Memphis kindergarten teacher  is on unpaid suspension pending a hearing for comments she made about her students on Facebook, WMC-TV reports. Tameka Gatewood made public posts  that included references to two of her Rainshaven Elemenary School kindergarteners arguing:

“How bout I blasted both of them. The girl in my class hair is nappy almost every day and the boy wears dirty clothes, face nasty and can’t even read. They didn’t bother nobody else when I got through with them.”

“What do you think you’re supposed to do? Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit! Just kidding!! For real tho – slap their ass back then Bang! Bang! Shoot ’em up dammit.”

The city of Memphis has a social media policy barring municipal employees from publicly posting comments that would negatively reflect the city — or place the city at risk for lawsuits  but the rules don’t extend to school employees and parents are livid. Parents say that Gatewood should be fired and call for strict social media regulations for the district.