Comic Tackles Tamir Rice & Oregon Militia

News about the violence and social injustices across the country isn’t always easy to digest.

Although newspaper articles and broadcast reporters may thoroughly tell a story, learning about recent catastrophes can still be difficult to absorb.

OogeeWoogee is trying to make understanding the nation’s stateside challenges easier through the site’s latest comic strip entitled Divided States of America.

In the 10-page strip, author Michael White places superhero “OogeeMan” in the midst of two news events we all know too well: the shooting death of Tamir Rice and the Oregon militia standoff.

The police’s reactions to each scenario are vastly different.oogeeman page1e

oogeeman page2e

oogeeman page3eoogeeman page4e2

Click here to watch OogeeMan single-handedly face off against the military force all while questioning his own sense of national pride and morality.