Talib Kweli: Rachel Dolezal ‘An Enemy’ To Movement

Noted MC and activist Talib Kweli is the latest celebrity to come forward with thoughts about Rachel Dolezal.

During an interview with Rolling Stonethe Brooklyn native spoke candidly about the former NAACP chapter leader who pretended to be Black for a number of years.

During an exclusive interview with the TODAY Show on Tuesday, Dolezal said that she “identifies as Black,” and has since the age of five.

“Cool story, but that’s not a real thing,” says Kweli, “because at any time, she could go back. That is a privilege that people of color do not have.”

Kweli noted inconsistencies in Dolezal’s “identity” like the time when “she tried to take advantage of [Howard University] by suing them, and then later she advanced her career by playing Black. She has a history of taking advantage of the situation.”

Kweli also called Dolezal an enemy of the civil rights movement.

“When you lie, that’s crossing the line. You’re not a friend or an ally to the movement. You’re an enemy. Maybe you’re not as dangerous an enemy as killer cops, but you’re not down with us at all.”

Well then.

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