SWAT Storm Home Looking for Ferguson Shooters

Police continue to search for the suspect or suspects behind the early Thursday morning shooting of two police officers in front of the Ferguson, Mo. police station.

A SWAT team was called to a home in Ferguson where three people were taken away for questioning, but, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, were not arrested.

The injured officers were among several other police, working crowd control as a people gathered near the station, protesting the Ferguson police department in lieu of a recent Department of Justice report.

The report, which highlighted rampant racial discrimination and constitutional violations done by the police department and Ferguson’s city government, has already lead to six officials either resigning or being forced from their positions. The shooting was a tragic blow for both police and protesters, where tensions have been running high since the police shooting death of teen Michael Brown.

Earlier on Thursday, St. Louis County police chief John Belmar said while both officers could have been killed from their injuries, they both survived and were later released from the hospital. One officer was shot in the face and a bullet remains in his head. The other was shot in the shoulder.