Suspended for a Hug: Fair or Unfair?

Credit: Creatas

This story has been making the social media rounds, drawing quite a bit of outrage.

What do you make of this story about the Georgia student suspended for a year for hugging a teacher?

Sam McNair will not graduate on time because of an incident, which was videotaped, and depicts him hugging an instructor from behind.  It seems from the footage that she pushes him away, but it didn’t end there.

McNair, a 17-year-old lacrosse and football player, was disciplined by the school district for sexual harassment and now will not graduate with his peers and risks losing scholarships, according to his mother.

Check out the full story HERE, watch the video below and then please let us know what you think.  It’s a tough call as this is a young man clearly on the right path academically, but this educator is alleging he nuzzled her during this hug.  However, we also live in a world where a six-year-old was suspended for kissing a classmate’s hand.
CBS Atlanta News