Sulphur Springs’ ‘Ghetto Classroom’ Award

Let’s take a minute to evaluate the below end-of-the-school year student certificate:


Does it seem a bit…comical? Offensive? Racially motivated?

This certificate was “awarded” to students at Sulphur Springs Middle School in Texas with the intent of being a “joke.”

Only the mother of an eighth-grader didn’t laugh or smile when her son brought home the “huh” award, instead finding the faux certificate offensive, especially since her son struggles in school.

Many took offense to the “joke,” questioning if it was racially motivated. The parents of the 8th grader found it to be in bad taste for the school to make fun of and give the certificates to a special education class.

“He feels pretty inferior,” Jerrika Wilkins, whose son brought home the “award,” told Fox 4 news. “You know, he wants to succeed. It just kind of hurt his feelings.”

After a two-hour long meeting with the school principal, assistant principal and teachers responsible for the distasteful “award,” one of the teachers, who also serves as a pastor, apologized, while the other offered her resignation.

Despite the teachers insisting on not acting maliciously by handing out the certificates, the situation is currently under investigation. Further disciplinary actions have not been made public.

Wilkins and her family have forgiven the teachers.

Sore judgement on the school’s behalf.

Malicious intent or just done in horrible taste? How would you handle this situation?

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