Lawyers: ‘Proof’ That Suge Knight Was Ambushed

A new layer has been added to Suge Knight’s ongoing struggle to prove his innocence. His legal team claims it has video footage that could help the former Death Row mogul prove that he was ambushed during a January attack. The incident resulted in the death of one man and the injury of another.

Despite announcing what could be groundbreaking evidence, the team has yet to show the video in court. The lawyers say they intend to do so in seeking a reduction in the $10 million bail Knight is facing in the death of Terry Carter and the injuring of Cle Sloan.

Tuesday’s filing by attorney Thomas Mesereau claims the video shows that several people were armed with handguns when Knight was attacked outside a Compton burger stand.

Knight had pleaded not guilty in the case, where he is facing charges of murder and attempted murder.

It is unclear whether the footage will be shown in court at a bail hearing set for July 17.