Study: U.S. Sentiment of Police Departments

police sentiment by state

A social media analysis on how Americans feel about their local police department shows that almost 50 percent of Americans view local law enforcement unfavorably.

The study was executed by, found that 37.25 percent of Americans surveyed gave their police department a grade of F.

The national average was a D.

The analysis is based on what researchers refer to as a “sentiment score.” The results, published in the form of a chart, list the top 5 states (highest sentiments) and the bottom 5 states (lowest sentiments).

While New Hampshire, North Dakota, West Virginia, Kansas and Hawaii expressed the most favorable sentiments towards their local police departments (grade A), residents Arkansas, Idaho, Missouri, Virginia, and Georgia expressed the least favorable sentiments about local police departments in their state (grade F).

A little more than 13 percent of states gave police departments a C grade, including Texas, Illinois and Michigan. 5.8 percent of states in the country ranked their local police departments at a B grade. Those states include Florida and Maine.

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Researcher note: The results are from an analysis of 766,319 tweets from Jan. 1. to May 4, 2015. The study resulted in no state receiving a positive sentiment, and grade letters assigned are relative to the overall analysis of all states.