Study: Disparities in Breast Cancer Treatment

Black women are much more likely to receive improper treatment for breast cancer, be diagnosed later and have bigger tumors than white women, a recent report reveals.

The report is the largest study yet to take a look at the disparities in breast cancer treatment in the country, and it backs up findings of many other studies.

African-American women are also prone to a nastier type of breast cancer. Native American women also appear to be at higher risk of more aggressive cancer — and they also tend to get poor care.

“We found that there is a consistent pattern of late diagnosis and not receiving recommended treatment for some racial and ethnic groups across all breast cancer subtypes,” said Lu Chen of the at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, who led the study.

Studies have offered several clues as to why this is. There may be genetic differences, as well as disparities in getting medical care. Black women may get inferior treatment and they may avoid doctors more.

A 2013 study found Black women were often sicker to begin with, suffering from other illnesses besides breast cancer.

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