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Students Predict Obama Will Win Election 2012

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney

The winner of the Scholastic Student Vote is President Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee, earning 51 percent of the vote. The Republican nominee, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, received 45 percent of the vote, while 4 percent of kids voted for other people, according to Scholastic.

The Scholastic Student Vote invited children under 18 (the legal voting age) to cast their vote for president in a mock election. They were able to vote online or by mailing in paper ballots from Scholastic classroom magazines. Nearly 250,000 students voted from August 15 until the online poll closed on October 10.

Most of the children in four of five key swing states—Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Ohio—chose Obama. Romney won Virginia, the other key swing state, by a small margin. In a close race like this one, the voting outcomes in swing states can determine who wins the election.

In related news, President Obama and Mitt Romney will face-off again tonight for round two of their debate.