Students Charged For Attacking Classmates

CBS recently obtained a violent video of about 20 Carver School of Technology students throwing punches at two students because of their sexuality.

Tim Jefferson, 16, is a student at the Atlanta school. The fight began after class when he and his friend exited the classroom. Jefferson also stated that one student pulled out a screwdriver, jabbing it to his face and next to his eye.

Jefferson’s mother wants justice and stated that her son had been beat up at school at least eight times already.

“I’m going to press charges. I want some justice. If God willing, I’m going to get justice and I want the boys who did this to go to jail,” Jefferson said.

Atlanta police charged the four students in the fight. Three of the juvenile students will face state charges of affray and the other one will be charged with disorderly conduct.

See the video below.

CBS46 News