#StudentBlackOut Movt. Demands Justice

Student activists from across the world held a day of action to further the movement of ending racial injustice Wednesday evening.

The latest movement, referred to by organizers as #StudentBlackOut, served as a collective day of action where student leaders were encouraged to “uplift Blackness” on their campuses.

“We hope that Black students organize and participate in actions that really challenge white supremacy and anti-Blackness on their campuses,” said University of Connecticut student Yamiesha Bell. “Every school is [unique] and has different needs and wants; however, we know oppression takes place at every institution in this country and white supremacy is embedded all through Higher Education.”

Over the past few weeks, Black student activists have held protests on many campuses across the country. The University of Missouri held a hunger strike, which resulted in the public school system’s president and chancellor stepping down over criticism of how they handled racial tension on campus.

The movement, led by the Black Liberation Collective, pushed to raise awareness and spark change about the unique experiences faced by Black students on predominantly white campuses.

BLC member Brandan Marshall, told NBC News the group has one goal in mind.

“What can we do to fix these situations [in our institutions for which we pay tuition].”

BLC held a series of conference calls with leaders from other campuses who expressed interest in participating in the day of action. The Collective also met with organizers from past movements, who provided background and updates on the climates of their campuses.