Stop Being Racist: Black Mother Confronts Store Clerk

ATTN: Lil’ Wayne, here’s an example of the racism you believe doesn’t exist.

Three Black children who live in a predominantly Black neighborhood, walk into the local corner store. Routine, right?  Welp, not so much when the cashier is a White woman who apparently feels the need to make a comment about the children’s African-inspired garb.

Brace yourselves for the cashier’s comment: “Are you going trick-or-treating?”

It is September.

**blank face**

Not only was the comment unnecessary, but it is offensive and teetering on the slope of racism.

What happens next, was something the store clerk most likely didn’t see coming. The mother of the children enters the store with a variety of choice words looking to get to the bottom of the situation.

The rest is history, but here’s a tip: If you’re genuinely curious, ask questions. Don’t make racist jokes.

Watch it unfold below.


Now, Lil’ Wayne, you see how racism can exists against Black people even in Black spaces? Sure, you may not be popping into the local corner store because of your entertainment status, but trust, your Black skin and dreadlocks make for damn sure you’re not exempt from the harsh racial reality.