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Stand Your Ground Strikes Again

Stand-Your-GroundFlorida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law has found its way into the headlines once more. This time for what some are calling a crime of passion.

According to ABC News, Ralph Wald, 70, walked into his Florida home and found his wife, Johnna Flores, in bed with another man—later identified as Walter Conley. Three shots were fired that resulted in Conley’s death. Wald claims he fired in defense of his wife, who he thought was being raped.

Prosecutors argued that Wald, who suffered from erectile dysfunction, killed Conley—who had been roommates with Flores prior to her relationship with Wald— in a jealous rage. Nonetheless a jury found Wald not guilty of homicide under the Stand Your Ground defense. The acquittal was based on the defense attorney’s showing presentation of evidence that convinced the jury that Wald believed his wife was under attack.

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