“Stand Your Ground” Law Gets Hearings

Photo courtesy of Facebook

People protesting Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law have received promising news. The controversial law, at the center of the George Zimmerman trial, is expected to receive hearings this fall.

Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford made the announcement over the weekend, according to MSNBC. The protestors, also known as Dream Defenders, have been picketing the law since Zimmerman was acquitted of all chargers in the murder of Trayvon Martin. The group has gone so far as to sleep at the Florida state house for the last two weeks.

The Dream Defenders had asked several lawmakers to coordinate a special legislature session to change the law; however, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and other congressional leaders had not asked for one. A state representative who adamantly supports Stand Your Ground has been appointed to oversee the hearing.

Celebrities, such as Harry Belafonte and Jesse Jackson, have visited the Dream Defenders at the Florida state house and rapper Talib Kweli is expected to join the group this week.

YOUR TURN: Tell us if you think the hearings this fall will change or repeal “Stand Your Ground.”