Stacey Dash Endorses Trump for President

At a time when just about everyone affiliated with Donald Trump is cutting ties with the mogul following offensive remarks he made about Mexican immigrants, Stacey Dash is endorsing him for president.

The conservative Fox News “pundit” defended Trump’s stance and candidacy during a segment on the network’s Outnumbered. 

“I believe what [Trump] was trying to say was that we need to close the borders because it’s dangerous,” Dash stated. “It’s an imminent threat […] I believe what he said, he could have said it in a different way. He should have ended it there, he didn’t have to get personal about Mexico, because he then says he has Mexican friends and he loves Mexico. It’s like saying, ‘I have my Black friend,’ you know.”

Dash also expressed her support for Trump’s decision to sue Univision after the Miss USA pageant was dropped. Univision’s decision to no longer host the pageant on its network came in response to Trump’s comments in which he called undocumented immigrants rapists and murderers.

Dash said she would still “want a guy like that running my country.”

There we have it from the mouth of Ms. Dash.