University of Miami Recruits 9-Year-Old

Credit: Thinkstock

When envisioning the life of a typical 9-year-old, most would picture homework and hide-and-seek. But for fourth grader Jaden Newman, reality is being a national basketball sensation.

Jaden is currently a student at Downey Christian School in Orlando and plays for her school’s varsity high school team, which is how she became the subject of national headlines back in January. Now, the University of Miami is formally recruiting her for the women’s basketball team, the Hurricanes.

Although she’s only 4’7, Jaden is able to compete with athletes twice her age.

The basketball prodigy’s father and coach, Jamie Newman, recently told the Sun Sentinel: “I want her to take it as what it is, an experience. If you become a basketball player, if you become a dentist, whatever you do in life, if you work hard, you’ll be rewarded.”

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