Time OUT Bar & Grill Boycott The Rams

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What in the name of foolishness!

Racism prevails and it’s a sad sight no matter how often it occurs. The NFL is back in the hot seat due to five St. Louis Rams team members who showed their support and solidarity of the “hands up, don’t shoot” protest before last Sunday’s game.

The protest has made increased rounds across social media following the fatal shooting of Ferguson teen Michael Brown and has now stirred criticism of the NFL team.

Taking the issue even further, Time OUT Sports Bar & Grill in St. Louis jumped on the bandwagon with this Facebook post:


Disgusting, right.

The verbiage and disregard of one’s belief and what they stand for and/or against is heartbreaking. We’ve seen this times before but the knife cuts deeper and deeper.

If you notice the post says “edited,” meaning the person responsible for the message took the time to not only write, but review the content, make changes to the content and then confirmed the edit.

Pow! A harder dagger thrown.

Furthermore, the grief and public criticism the players are receiving is uncalled for. What is happening in Ferguson and the countless cases that profile under the Black and unarmed victims list is an epidemic battle. One that Time OUT Bar & Grill clearly does not understand because 9 times out of 10, that has not been their experience.

The Rams players did not bring harm to the football game on Sunday. The Rams players did not speak out in support of the rioting, looting and volatile behavior. No, they simply used their national platform to send a non-verbal and strong message to the masses. Isn’t that what we ask of public figures?

Yelp! reviewers served the Bar & Grill with heated backlash.

One image was captioned: “Enjoy a side of racism with your entree of ignorance!”

Well stated.