Russell Wilson Launches “Pass the Peace”

Yet another NFL player is joining the movement to end domestic violence.

On Thursday, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson launched “Pass the Peace,” a campaign to raise awareness and money for domestic violence victims.

In a personal essay on New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter’s new website The Players Tribune, the Super Bowl-winning QB spoke candidly about domestic violence and his experience as a bully when he was younger.

“Domestic violence extends far beyond the spotlight of the NFL. It’s not unique to my profession. It’s not confined to America. All over the world, right at this moment, men, women and children are taking refuge in anonymous shelters. Many more are suffering silently, without protection. Every day, up to 10,000 Americans are turned away from shelters due to lack of resources.”

Additionally, Wilson announced the start of his Why Not You Foundation, where he will be fundraising for various causes, beginning with domestic violence. In a Facebook video, Wilson challenged Jeter and singer Justin Timberlake to “Pass the Peace.”

For more information about Pass the Peace, click HERE.