Northwestern Officials Fight Back Against Unionization

Northwestern University’s administration appealed to the National Labor Relations Board Thursday to repeal its decision to categorize the school’s football players as university employees, thus granting them the ability to unionize.

The brief was sent in Thursday.

Supported by six Republican members of Congress, as well as the NCAA, the university argued that the NLRB’s decision “transforms what has always been a cooperative educational relationship between university and student into an adversarial employer-employee relationship,” according to the Associated Press.

The original ruling was made March 26 after Northwestern football players argued that scholarships are tied to performance and that there is no compensation for the services they perform for the university. The College Athletes Players Association defended themselves as they argued for the right to representation.

The brief by the university administration asserts that the football players are primarily students, and cannot be classified as employees.

All eyes are watching as the final outcome of this case will affect college athletes and students nationwide.

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