Nelly Addresses Lack of Diversity in Baseball

Rapper Nelly has made it no secret that he is a baseball fan. The music artist even played on his high school’s baseball team and won MVP honors. In an interview with the hosts of ESPN’s First Take, he shared his opinion on why there is a decline in the number of Black players in Major League Baseball.

He attacked the league’s marketing strategies by suggesting that instead of only focusing on the “home run,” highlight other skills in the MLB All-Star Game, one similar to the NBA’s.

“Where’s the skills competition in baseball, where’s the strongest arm from the outfield…where’s the fastest guy around the bases. There’s no skill. The only skill you see is the home run,” he said in the interview. He also wants children to begin receiving training at an even younger age.

On the 25-man rosters on MLB’s opening day, there were only 8.5 percent were African-Americans, according to the New York Times.

This past April MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said he was forming a 17-member diversity task force, which would look at and address issues that are potentially keeping African American baseball players away.

Baseball isn’t the only sport lacking in diversity. Please share your thoughts on this issue.