NBA May Raise Age Limit

Credit: Thinkstock

Work hard to play hard may be the new NBA motto.

According to a report from Sporting News, the association is considering raising the age limit for young players from one year after high school graduation to three years.

An informal proposal is being shopped around and, if approved, would have the most affect on the NBA’s Development League, a set of minor league affiliates. If new age limit restrictions were to take affect, the NBA would be willing to raise the salary of D-League players, allowing for executives to sign whomever they wish.

The report states the current age rule, commonly dubbed the “one-and-done” rule, has been detrimental to college basketball. Colleges feel their best players sign on to boost their NBA resume with little-to-no interest in their academic responsibilities.

A formal discussion on raising the age limit is expect to take place once the NBA Players Association appoints an executive director to negotiate with commissioner Adam Silver on the subject.