Marshawn Lynch Signature Phrase for Profit

Marshawn Lynch is not just on “beast mode” when it comes to the football field.

The Seattle Seahawks running back is also a beast at being unintentionally cool, coming up with trendy catchphrases and flipping them to gain profit.

Already winning big with his “Beast Mode” apparel line, the anti-press athlete is now getting his signature phrase, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” trademarked and out to the marketplace.

Marshawn’s legal team filed the application with hopes that the NFL star will soon have ownership over the trendy one-liner.

The phrase spawned a sort of cooperative rebellion on Marshawn’s behalf during the lead up to Super Bowl XLIX. He used it to articulate that he was only in the presence of media to avoid a hefty fine from the NFL. It became a viral hit and now the popular phrase will thicken his pockets quite nicely.

Just to refresh your memory on Marshawn’s most talked-about moment, press play below:

Oh, and by the way, nice ad placement, NFL. Looks like they’re trying to earn a few coins, as well. *Side-eye.*

Do you think this is a good business move or nah?