LeBron James Raps

By//Andrea Watson

Not everyone can make a smooth crossover from basketball to rap the way Shaquille O’Neal did. With a gold album (Shaq Diesel, 1993) and a top 40 single (“I know I Got Skillz”) he was the first NBA player to actually be successful. But LeBron James seems to be following a trend of basketball players who try out the rapping career.

The Miami Heat player recently used his Instagram account to share a few audio samples of him attempting to rap. He’s no Jay-Z, that’s for sure. You can listen HERE.

Kobe Bryant is one of the few who had the confidence, but not the skill set necessary to go far. Not even Steve Stoute could work his magic. Some argue Bryant was too busy trying to be a successful basketball player, but that can be debated.

And let’s not forget Allen Iverson. “40 Bars” didn’t make it on any party playlist. He came out with “Misunderstood,” a ten-song album where he is only on four songs. That makes sense, right?

Anyway, I guess LeBron failed to learn from those before him. What a shame.

With the exception of Shaq, the rest of these athletes haven’t been able to quite reach the level he did. You can do anything you want, but if you don’t have the talent, then all the work in the world won’t make a difference. There are a few who have gotten a little cocky on court, therefore leading them to think they’ll be just as successful in the recording studio. Nada.