Lebron James Named Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman Of the Year

Miami Heat Star Lebron James can add another notch on his list of achievements. The first time NBA Champion, NBA finals MVP, two time U.S. Olympic gold medalist and three time NBA MVP, was announced as the Sports Illustrated ‘s Sportsman of the Year on Monday.

The accomplished ball player was surprised that he had received the honor due to the backlash backlash he received surrounding his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami.

“I remember just like yesterday when I signed here and basically, like the roof caved in. To see that I and my team and everyone around me was able to patch that roof up, to come to this point, to come to this point and receive such a prestigious award, it’s huge” said James.

Time Inc. Sports Group editor, Paul Fichtenbaum is confident in the decision to honor James.

“Lebron kind of made it easy on us,” he said. “In a year that had really high standards, he just stood taller than everybody else. I do think there has been some sort of closer — maybe not entirely in Cleveland, but across the nation. Lebron’s jerseys are the No.1-selling jerseys. I think there’s a reason for that. I think people really appreciate him for everything he can do.”

James is the first NBA player to win this award since his Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade in 2006.

Courtesy of The Associated Press.