Funny or Racist: Caroline Wozniacki Impersonates Serena Williams

Caroline Wozniacki
Caroline Wozniacki

By// Starrene Rhett Rocque

Tennis player Caroline Wozniacki is drawing heat after her recent impersonation of Serena Williams on the tennis court. In a match against Maria Sharapova in Sao Palo, Wozniacki stepped on to the court while her breasts and hind quarters were obviously stuffed with something. She even did Serena Williams’ popular stance as she battled her opponent. Watch:

Spectators laughed at this display while, others aren’t so amused.

“I know they’re friends, but inside it does something to me because we’ve been made fun of for so long for different parts of our body and to see Serena Williams reduced to this, I don’t like it,” said Sherri Shepherd on The View.

Joy Behar’s response to Shepherd was, “Our bodies are made fun of all the time.”

Shepherd retorted with, “I’m not speaking as a white woman.”

Whoopi Goldberg added, “That visual is generally seen with a bone in their nose and a short little skirt like she’s got on and that’s why people see it as somewhat racist, because it’s an image that we’ve seen before and I don’t ever remember them making fun of any of the White tennis players.”

In all fairness, other male Tennis players make fun of each other as Elisabeth Hasslebeck points out but Goldberg brought up another interesting point: “Guys have done Serena, women have done Serena so I’m curious. Why Serena? What is it about Serena? Is it her color is it the fact that she is not four inches wide and weighs six ounces, and can beat all of their asses with her eyes closed?” Watch them go at it:

What do you think? Racist or funny?