Former ESPN Journalist Launches The Shadow League

Veteran Journalist Keith Clinkscales has launched a new online initiative,, an independent sports news organization. Clinkscales is  the former Senior Vice President of Content Development at ESPN, he is cited for his development of the Body Issue for ESPN The Magazine and as the architect for Vibe Magazine. His work in the field have won him numerous awards, he most recently was named “The Top 50 Minorities in Cable” by Cableworld  Magazine. is an online editorial platform owned by Shadow League Digital, a multi-platform content creation company. The website will aim to expand beyond delivering your everyday sports news stories and delve into subjects that are often under-represented or hardly every reported in sports. To do so the website has created a team of some of the most well respected sports journalists of today such as Vincent Thomas, James Carr, J.R. Gamble and Glen Minnis. and ESPN have teamed together to form a business relationship that will consist of funding and potential content opportunities, but will allow The Shadow League to keep their independent voice and maintain independent control.