Spike Lee Blasts Omarosa’s Trump Campaign Role

Former “Apprentice” contestant Omarosa Stallworth-Manigault caused a stir on social media when she announced that she is now GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s director of African American outreach.

“It is a very difficult time for our country, but the good thing is that I know Donald Trump at his heart,”she told MSNBC’s Craig Melvin on Monday. “And I know what he can do in that role.”

But the news hasn’t sat too well with legendary film maker Spike Lee, USA TODAY reports. On Tuesday, the “Chi-Raq” director posted a sideways picture of Manigault on Instagram with an entertaining, yet sarcastic caption that read:

Roughly an hour later, Omarosa responded back in a now-deleted tweet that read, “@officialSpikeLee attacks me&my mom Theresa, Why? For my work with @realDonaldTrump using the N word? #RaceBaiting.”

While recent polls show that Hillary Clinton has won 88% and 91% of the African American votes in key states, Pennsylvania and Ohio, Donald Trump garnered 0% in those states.

When asked about Trump’s minimal support from African Americans, Manigault stated she was a bit confused. “I’m just wondering who they polled because I just spent about an amazing weekend with African Americans for Trump…about 300 of them,” she claimed.

“My reality is I’m surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of the United States who are African American. Donald Trump is focused on improving the conditions of African Americans in this country… unemployment in African-American community is at an all-time high,” she added.

Manigault appeared in Season 1 of the “Apprentice” and continued to carry her antagonist persona on to several other reality shows. She also taught marketing classes at Howard University and was working towards a divinity degree.

This is not Omarosa’s first foray in the world of politics. According to a 2004 People Magazine article, she was “banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration. Cheryl Shavers, former Under Secretary for Technology at the Commerce Department says Omarosa “was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive. One woman wanted to slug her.”