Spiders to Blame for Mazda Recall

Mazda's latest recall due to yellow sac spiders and fire risk.
Credit: Thinkstock

Got a Mazda6 sedan? Keep reading…

According to CNN, spiders are to blame for the latest Mazda recall, which ties a fire risk to yellow sac spiders.

The car company alerted federal officials that 42,000 Mazda6 sedans could be affected by the issue, which was also the reason for the automaker’s recall three years ago.

Mazda spokesman Jeremy Barnes says, “The yellow sac spider is attracted to the hydrocarbons in gasoline and can find its way into a fuel tank hose … There, it may weave a web that blocks airflow. That could cause the fuel tank to crack and, possibly, a fire.”

No injuries or fires have been reported due to the spiders, according to Mazda. Customers can bring their vehicles into dealers for assistance.