Sound off: Dr. Cornel West vs. Megyn Kelly

It was a war of words and concepts between FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly and Dr. Cornel West during Monday night’s “The Kelly File” segment.

At the helm of difference was the #BlackLivesMatter movement and the various cases of Black-on-Black crime in which Kelly believes attention is being abandoned and West argues there’s a separation between “state-sponsored violence” against Black lives.

Kicking off the conversation was Kelly’s address of Peggy Hubbard, a grandmother who posted a video expressing her anger with Black Lives Matter and the lack of protest happening for the inner-city when it comes to innocent children and unwarranted violence. The video went viral with over 7 million views.

West pointed out the fact that crimes such as Aiyanna Jones and the 9-year-old girl killed in Ferguson does indeed matter. However, the foundation of #BlackLivesMatter lies in police brutality against unarmed Black people.

The three-minute segment was a tug-of-war with a lack of significant substance.

However, it’s interesting to note that Kelly’s argument of Black people not taking responsibility and protesting when violence strikes “inner-city America” is clearly false. The fact is the community protests barely gain national-televised coverage. Unfortunately, unless there’s a story of looting and hostile gatherings, the spotlight on what’s happening in the depths of our communities remains local news.

#FactsOnly, Megyn Kelly.

Watch the segment below and share your thoughts in the comments.